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Instrumentation and Electrical

Fiber Optics

Certified Fiber Optics Installation

AA Electric is a locally-owned full service one-stop shop serving the Big Country. Our team can take care of your electrical, cabling, IT and utility needs. Our turn key Fiber Optic certified technicians are reliable and trusted. We specialize in network wiring and fiber optic cable installation.

  • Fiber optic cable installation, setup, repair, troubleshooting and programming.
  • We provide project timelines, cost estimates & breakdowns, materials pricing and more
  • Residential. Commercial. Industrial.

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Commercial work is our bread and butter. Our clientele includes some of the best known businesses in the Big Country region. Call on us for new construction or remodel/retrofit. For LED retrofitting. We do the electrical for large grocery operations and all kinds of retail businesses. Our projects include Walmarts, Home Depots, and other big-name chain outlets. We also do the electrical systems for metal building combo’s—facilities that have an office in the front and a shop in the back. One of our biggest projects of late has been the instrumentation and electrical contracting for the new Volkswagen dealership being constructed in Midland, Texas. We maintain all of our insurances and all our employees are background-checked and thoroughly drug-screened. And, as with all our work, we always deliver results on time and on budget.


Industrial / Oil & Gas

It takes some high professional standards, and a lot of solid credentials, to pass the stringent requirements for a Master Service Agreement (MSA) in today’s oilfield, but AA Electric has its MSA’s and has a growing list of clients in the oil and gas industry.

Oilfield Services Include:

    • Lighting
    • Outage Restoration
    • Motors that are not operating properly
    • M.O.V. (motor operated valves) & Communication Installation
    • PLC’s (programmable logic controllers)
    • SCADA Systems

Currently AA Electric serves midstream (pipeline) clients in the booming Permian Basin region, west of Abilene. There—mostly in the Midland area—we ply our trade for pipeline companies especially. This work can include getting lights restored on site, or remedying an outage. We also address motors that aren’t operating properly. And we install many M.O.V.’s (motor operated valves). Pipelines are constantly needing valves installed, and we energize these M.O.V.’s and run communications to them. We do all the terminations, and hook everything up to the PLC’s (programmable logic controllers). Plus, we troubleshoot. And we do SCADA systems for oil and gas clients and other customers as well.


Service Needs

AA Electric installs and services industrial equipment and hardware, as well as devices and equipment. We troubleshoot, repair, and maintain the various parts needed to keep machinery running smoothly and effectively. We also install, maintain, and calibrate devices used in the automation of industrial processes. Whether these devices measure and control the pressure, temperature, level, or flow of processes used in automated manufacturing and production, we ensure that they perform as designed. As mentioned before, we are proficient in the installation and service of SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems. Do you want your plant or service facility to be fitted for current and future IoT (Internet of Things) functions? We can do that too.